Untitled — A Love Potion

UntitledInnovative Paris designer Maison Martin Margella has come up with a scent that can be called a love potion for males. The character Alice in the 90’s Woody Allen flick had her herbalist draw up a potent blend of herbs that made her irresistible to any male. Maison Martin Margella seems to have come up with a real life version to attract masculine energy. “For the first perfume, we would like to explore a “green trail” simple and natural. This will have to be an olfactory flash. What follows will be all the more textured, feminine and almost sensual.

Maison Martin Margella brought the fashion world high heel sandals with folded money embellishments coined ‘the money shoe’, the cork pump and the open toe sock boot. Now the house of Margiela introduces Untitled to arouse the human population with Galbanum, incense, jasmine and musky cedar. Our people on the street survey of Untitled received favorable reviews. “It comes on strong and stays on all day,” says one. “I got my sample in the Saks Catalog and it stays fresh,” says another.

Untitled is sold exclusively at Saks 5th Avenue.

Beauty Brief tested: The scent is light with jasmine, but not too floral while still being sweet. The cedar tones it down but does not overpower. Perfect for summer and new romances on the beach! Crisp and summery with possible hints of coconut, this scent is sure to be a staple to spray on every day this month!