Tria – Laser Hair Removal At Home! Does it really work?

The new Tria At-home Laser Hair Removal device is a hot topic in the beauty world today.  Since its introduction into the market, people can’t stop talking about it. Hollywood cosmetic artists, beauty experts, InStyle and Advertising Age Magazines are all raving about the Tria which was even named “Prestige Skin Care Breakthrough Product of the Year” at the WWD Beauty Biz Awards.

We at Beauty Brief definitely had to get our hands on one of these and find out what they hype is all about.

We all know that laser hair removal procedures are recognized as the best and safest way to permanently remove body hair.  The only problem is the treatments are extremely expensive and time consuming requiring 6- 10 treatments over the course of about 6 months.  For most people, the cost and inconvenience of laser treatments are just unrealistic, and they are stuck with the traditional methods of removing body hair that can be painful, stubbly and cause in-grown hairs.

But now, there is the Tria, developed by the company that invented the very first laser device for in-office hair removal back in 1993. The Tria is much more affordable and convenient way for people to remove hair with lasers in the comfort of their own home.

It works by generating a small amount of heat that shuts down the hair follicle, which then causes the hair to fall out and eventually stop growing back.  The level of pain varies for each person and what level you use.  There are five levels of intensity.  I would say it feels like a quick teeny prick of a needle or like a rubber band snap on your skin.  It’s not too bad, but it is a little uncomfortable.

We recommend starting with the lowest level until you are used to it and then you can increase the intensity if desired.  You start with one treatment every other week for about 3 months and then just one treatment per month for 3-5 months until you reach your desired level of hair removal.  Expect to need at least 8 treatments altogether.

The price for the Tria is $595 which is significantly lower than the average total cost for in-office treatments that can be as much as $3500. While $595 can still seem like a lot of money, it is worth it if you want to be hairless and don’t have the time and money to spend at salons.

The Tria looks and feels like a high-quality device.  It is the only FDA cleared product for at-home laser treatments, and it delivers great results.  We are thoroughly impressed with the results of the treatments and will definitely tell all our friends and family.

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