Spray Tan Secrets

tanGuest writer Sinead Norenius, founder of Beautisol and SelfTanningQueen.com shares her spray tan secrets! Read on:

If it is your first time trying spray tanning, or you are going to a different location than you are used to, don’t be afraid to ask for a test patch on your inner thighs or tummy area.  You’ll want to make sure the resulting color looks natural on your skin so a test patch is always a good idea!

Ask the technician if they have had formal training or if they are certified by the company they use for spray tanning.  There is nothing wrong with asking how long the technician has been spray tanning either.  Obviously the more experience they have, chances are, the better the spray tan and the results.

Look for spray tan products that have a greenish tint to their guide color, this will help the resulting tan look more brown vs. yellow or orange on the skin. DHA (the active ingredient in spray tans and self-tanners) can sometimes turn yellow or orange so adding a bit of green to the product helps make it appear more brown, just like painting!

Darker isn’t always better.  The darker the spray tan, the higher the chance for your tan to look unnatural and have an orange or yellowish tinge.  Only go about three shades darker than your natural skin tone, that way it looks more realistic. More isn’t necessarily better!

Accentuate your biceps or calves! Ask your spray tan technician to accentuate your biceps, calves or any other part of your body you want to show off!  You can also use a highlighter on areas such as your collarbone or the tops of your shoulders to add dimension and luminosity to your skin.  Think Jennifer Lopez!

Remember a spray tan does not mean you have a “base tan” or any protection from the sun, so make sure you wear a sunscreen on exposed areas!

About the Author:
Sinead Norenius is a sixteen-year beauty industry veteran and licensed esthetician who founded and formulated Beautisol, the trusted leader in sunless tanning and sun care. SineadSinead is committed to educating consumers about beauty through social media, online how-to videos and simple step-by-step directions and inserts for all of the Beautisol products.  Sinead is also the Editor-in-Chief of SelfTanningQueen.com, a leading beauty blog.  Sinead has combined her expertise in social media and the beauty industry to found iFabbo, an organization that unites the leaders, brands and online influencers in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry.

Sinead is a member of the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers, Distributors and Associations (NCEO) and has worked with prestigious beauty lines including St. Tropez Tan, True Cosmetics and Yon Ka Paris. Sinead can also be found on twitter @selftanqueen.