NutriSystem Diet

NutrisystemNutrisystem is one of the most popular diets in the country right now. Nutrisystem was listed in Forbes magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in 2007, and Forbes found NutriSystem to be the lowest priced weight loss program! ( 12-23-08). But does this diet program actually work? Below, I will go through how the system works, some of the pros and cons and a general recommendation about NutriSystem.

How it works: NutriSystem’s plan delivers a month worth of prepackaged meals and snacks to your door. You simply go to their website or call their customer service to order and chose your meals. NutriSystem’s popularity seems to be the result of its convenience and ease of use since there is no measuring or calorie-counting involved. There are a total of seven different programs to choose from including separate programs for men and women, seniors, diabetics, and vegetarians.

Each program is based on the glycemic index, where each meal and snack has been measured to provide you with the right amount of protein and good carbs to keep you feeling full. It is important to note that you do need to purchase your own fruits, vegetable and dairy products to supplement the prepackaged meals. It is designed so that you eat five small meals throughout the day (3 meals and 2 snacks), this works to speed up your metabolism and keep your energy up all day.

What is good about it?

NutriSystem is really good for anyone who doesn’t like to or doesn’t have time to measure, count calories and cook every meal. It is very convenient because the food is shipped directly to your door. Also, all of the food is “shelf-stable”, meaning that it does not need to be refrigerated or frozen. You simply “heat and eat” most of the meals. Each program has a wide variety of foods to choose from and you can pick and chose which foods you want to try, including tons of desserts which is always a plus. See the Nutrisystem Sample Menu where you can choose the foods you like best.

Another advantage of the program is unlike many diets, you do not have to give up carbs entirely. Good carbohydrates are a part of nearly every meal. Additionally, you are eating smaller meals more often throughout the day, so your body adjusts to this by speeding up your metabolism. Also what sets NutriSystem apart from similar diet programs, there is no membership fee or contract you have to sign; all you pay for is the food. Their website offers numerous support resources as well such as: free counseling, motivational messages and online newsletters, online classes, discussion boards and chat rooms, diaries and more.

The reviews are pretty mixed on the taste of the food; some people absolutely love the food, some people like/can tolerate it, and some people strongly dislike it. This can be expected since it is natural that not everyone likes the same types of food. You have to be aware that the NutriSystem food is prepackaged, processed food. If you are a picky eater it might be a good idea to just try the food for a week and see if you like it, if not they offer a full money back guarantee if it is returned within a month.

Some people claim that the program is a little costly; ranging from around $200-$300 a month depending on the program. However, when you consider how much you spend a month on groceries and eating out it is comparable and can even end up as a cheaper option. The program requires a great deal of dedication and will power though to stick to the plan. It may be hard to fight temptation to eat out or go out as alcohol is to be avoided on the plan; however coffee and teas are OK.

Also, NutriSystem is not likely to offer you a permanent fix. It is not really likely for you to stay on the system for the rest of your life and most people stick with it for about 2-3 months, but it does work to teach you better eating habits and give up a jump start on losing weight.

The NutriSystem program is a great way to start losing weight. It is convenient, and easy to follow, moderately priced and designed to provide you with a wide arrange of foods with the necessary nutrients your body needs. Also, it works! If you are able to stick with the plan you will most certainly lose weight, reported weight losses have ranged anywhere from a couple pounds to over 100 pounds.

Although, how much weight you lose depends on a wide range of factors such as age, beginning weight, gender, etc. Finally since there is a money back guarantee if you don’t like the food in the first week, there is no harm in trying it out. What have you got to lose other than weight?

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