New Nutrisystem Program: Nutrisystem Success

Nutrisystem SuccessNutrisystem update: Nutrisystem Success is a new plan from Nutrisystem. The newest celeb to be featured on this program in Janet Jackson. She is an incredible woman, and seeing her story has been very inspiring to a lot of people.  Dudes, don’t worry, Nutrisystem is also a good choice for you. There are a bunch of meals tailored specifically for men, so you’re not eating tiny lady portions. And ladies, this might be a good chance to get your guy on board to lose weight with you. Studies show that when you are around motivated people who are also active and eating healthy, you do better with your fitness goals. Nutrisystem has just come out with a family plan that helps you do just that. Nutrisystem has a lot of great tools to help you keep track of your diet, and your goals for losing weight and staying fit and healthy.

So enough about motivation… let’s get to the new features of this program.

  • New satisfying daily protein shakes – yum!
  • New chef inspired foods to shake up the menu
  • New personalized activity program
  • New transition plans for when you end the diet and get back on “regular” foods.

I am excited to announce that they have a special intro price for this new plan, plus 7 FREE Chef’s Table entrees to try… find out more here and learn if the plan is right for you.  Their current special offer is Order now and get 20% off Nutrisystem® Success™ plus get Chef’s Table™ entrees free with auto Delivery.

Don’t make New Years the time when you finally start to make plans to lose weight. Get active, and try this program to get on track to weight loss this year!